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I was born in Chicago, Illinois, April 15, 1963, moved to Clinton, Iowa, a year later, and two years after that relocated to Ukiah, California; my father, mother, and two brothers followed soon thereafter.

A Rockwellian childhood spent in rural northern California instilled in me a permanent love of the outdoors, and though steeped in small-town conservatism and the scent of chewing tobacco I escaped without permanent damage, save for my present haircut and, some might claim, manner of dress. Actually, this isn't fair to Ukiah, which, given its designation during the height of the Cold War as one of the two or so safe places to be during a nuclear war, attracted all manner of zaniness: the Moonies, Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple, Charlie Manson and Family, an unknown number of John Birch Society members, hippies escaping the bay area and elsewhere, the Buddhist occupation of the old state mental hospital, and a sufficient number of other cults and crazies to do justice to the seat of a county whose number one cash crop is marijuana. (I censure or approve none of this because it had little effect on the fly fishing aspirations of my youth.)

Dreams of being an Alaskan fishing guide were superceded by a move to the bay area in 1987, where I took my proper place among the quietly desperate. My first job was as manager and sometime programmer for a transit company. I realized quickly that managing a transit system held all the appeal of wallowing in raw sewage and in late '89 I joined Rolm Systems to work on the software side of their Redwood telephone switch. My arrival at Rolm coincided with the demise of the Redwood project and I was soon at Software Publishing Corp., working on First Choice 3.0. The completion of that project left me with the choice of staying at S.P.C. or taking a position at Frame Technology, a private company at the time. I chose the latter, thankfully, and stayed at Frame almost four and one half years. Six years at Netscape followed the Frame job, three of which I spent working on the Navigator and Communicator web browsers--chiefly the Unix versions--before moving to Netscape's E-commerce business unit in July of '98. I left Netscape in September of 2001 and joined Tellme Networks in April of 2002, where I'm still gainfully employed.

I have an interest in many things and a passion for nothing, and flatter myself that I'm a poor man's ... no, make that a homeless man's Renaissance man. My life revolves around my wife and children but when I have time some favorite and lasting diversions are backpacking, skiing, golf, hang gliding, flying, sailing, chess, photography, fly fishing, English literature, the classical guitar, and computing. If you share any of these interests feel free to send me a note. -- Mark

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