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Thank you for your interest in the Netscape Golf Club (NGC), a Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) associate club that was founded in 1997 to promote interest in the game of golf within Netscape. Since the club's founding our membership has broadened to include past and present Netscape/AOL employees, their family members and friends, stalwart users of the Netscape and Mozilla web browsers -- anyone, that is, with an interest in golf who is connected in some way to Netscape.  Our ranks include men and women who run the gamut in terms of skill level: beginning golfers who have yet to establish an index, competitive tournament players with single-digit indexes, and everything in between.  Which is to say that every golfer, regardless how long he or she may have played the game, is welcome in our club.

Interestingly, though the club was founded by and for Netscape employees, and secondarily for their families and friends, very few of our current 190 members are still employed by Netscape/AOL -- at last count there were 4 or 5. Former Netscape employees make up less than one fifth of our membership, which hints at the club's evolution toward an open NCGA associate club that attracts members via word of mouth and this web site. The club no longer has any affiliation with "Netscape", which is now just an AOL brand. Nor is the club affiliated with, subsidized or recognized by AOL or any of its subsidiaries. We continue to use the name because Netscape was a great place to work in the mid 1990s, because we have not been sent a cease and desist letter asking that we forsake the name and, frankly, because a better name has not been suggested. If the day ever comes when there are no Netsape/AOL employees in the club and AOL suddenly decides that "Netscape Golf Club" infringes upon and sullies its brand -- AOL did pay eleven billion dollars for the "Netscape" name, after all -- then we may quickly become the "Mozilla Golf Club" or some such. But for the present we're happily sticking with Netscape.

What do the NGC and NCGA offer?

Three of the five main reasons people join our club are benefits provided by the NCGA, and perhaps chief among these is the ability to earn an NCGA/GHIN index, which allows you to track your progress in the game as you improve (or not, as is often the case with amateur golfers).  As well, an established index allows you to compete on a handicapped basis with any other indexed golfer, and this forms the basis for much of the amateur tournament play that so many golfers enjoy (for a small sampling look at the NGC's tournament schedule and the NCGA's tournament schedule).

The second and third benefits of NCGA membership are reduced green fees at two excellent NCGA-owned golf courses, Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach and Poppy Ridge in Livermore.  In this era of $100+ "resort" course green fees in and around the Bay Area the two Poppy courses are outstanding values--the weekend rate at Poppy Hills for NCGA members is $50, for the general public, $150!  Playing either course as an NCGA member will more than save you the cost of membership in the NGC.

And speaking of cost, the NGC has perhaps the lowest membership dues of any NCGA associate club, something our members tend to appreciate. Your first year of membership costs $55, and it's only $30 to renew in the club, should you choose to do so. Some associate clubs charge $100 or more, and so-called "regular" clubs like the Palo Alto Golf Club charge closer to $150.  The higher fees generally mean a more lengthy and organized tournament schedule, as a result.  Ours is first and foremost an informal club, one without an exhaustive tournament schedule.  We do enjoy competitive golf, though, and try to hold a number of events throughout the year.  Please take a look our current schedule and see if anything interests you.  You needn't play in any of our events, of course--how much or how little you participate is completely up to you.

How does one join?

Joining the club is simple.  We need the following information, all of which will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any other organization (except the NCGA, which has the same policy):

  1. Name, as you want the NCGA to have it
  2. Gender (male/female), if your name does not make it obvious
  3. Mailing Address
  4. E-mail Address, if you have one, for the club e-mail alias
  5. Club name(s) and your GHIN number if you belonged to another golf club in the past two years
You can pay the $55 dues via PayPal to (no paypal credit card funds, please!) or by a check made payable to Mark Drury, sent to:

Mark Drury
P.O. Box 1095
Palo Alto, CA 94302

If you do send a check to the P.O. Box please also send me email letting me know when the check was mailed, as I visit the post office once a week, at most.

Once I have your $55 payment I will transmit your information to GHIN within 24 hours. You should then receive an NCGA membership card within 4-6 weeks, but I will have your member number immediately and will pass that along to you in case you're in a hurry to establish an index. (One thing to note here, now that the NCGA allows members of clubs such as the NGC to post scores online, is that all associate clubs and the NCGA in particular are ever more vigilent when it comes to finding and dealing with unscrupulous posting behavior, and anyone found to be "sandbagging" or the like will be summarily removed from NGC and NCGA membership.)

Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or comments, and I thank you for considering membership in our club.


Mark Drury
President, Netscape Golf Club, 63-211